I wonder if there are any animals that get together for a feast once a year like we do for Thanksgiving. Of course, there are some animals like lions that feed their families (you can thank the females for making the kill) and eat together pretty regularly, but I’m wondering if there is an animal family that comes together infrequently for a particular occasion. Elephants seem like the most likely animal to do such a thing since they display tons of emotion and they have a great memory – I’m sure there is some research out there. But I’m going to make the unlikely bet that it’s the starfish that comes together, secretly, deep down under the sea where we can’t see them. They plot their tube-feet fueled echinoderm take-over once a year while we’re too busy eating turkey to notice they’ve all disappeared. This particular one could’ve been a starfish soldier, captured in the night by its human foe, taken to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium where I photographed it while it suckered to the wall, where it tries to eat its way to freedom each night by gnawing away at the plexiglass with its beak.