It’s like a gang of sea-fireman. With lifesavers. Off in the distance you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which you can climb for a ridiculous price. It’s a shame, because I’m sure many great photographs would be created if they cut prices and more people went on the bridge. You have to wear these jumpsuits and take everything out of your pockets, naturally, because there’s actual traffic moving below you on the bridge.

It was a moment to remember, sailing into the famed Sydney Harbour, with the massive Sydney Opera House slowly rolling by us. I had seen pictures of the Opera House before, but after learning that it was architected to look like sails of a ship it was a poignant moment sailing into the harbor in which it lives. We had all just raced yachts, which weren’t really ours…and we really had no idea how to sail, but we followed instructions from our captains. For some reason the red jackets and lifesavers caught my eye. The sky was blue, the water was blue, but the red of the jackets and lifesavers shined with such purpose.

The photo looks more intense than the moment, but purposefully so: the glaring red gives more cause for remembrance, just as the moment will not be forgotten.