It takes a long time to drive through Yellowstone National Park to reach Mammoth Hot Springs. Thankfully, I didn’t have to drive the entire time so I got to stare out the window at all the scenery. I was most excited about seeing Old Faithful go off, which it did almost right on time, but I was also pleasantly surprised by Mammoth Hot Springs. There are terraces and terraces of mineral deposits, warm water trickling down the hillside, all beside the elevated boardwalks that let you walk safely around the springs. The one above is called the Minerva Terrace, and with its layers of white travertine terraces it was the most photogenic of the terraces.

Amongst all this wilderness and greenery, I wonder what it would’ve been like for westerners to come across this formation in the 1800s. Hot water coming up from the earth due to volcanic activity underneath. I’ve seen several unusual geological features incorporated into religions, believed to be sites of creation like Ayer’s Rock in Australia, or become sites of worship. I’m surprised Mammoth Hot Springs didn’t experience the same.

There are a couple photos below that show green, natural landscape surrounding the springs.

If you ever go to Yellowstone, make sure to get up early so you can get to Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful before everyone else does. It’s not like the old days anymore. Lots of tourists…like me.