Stop to look. Look at things in a new way. Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective, a new angle, to make the mundane exciting. This is not a new idea, but too often many of us forget to look at things in fresh and unfamiliar ways. Let this image be a reminder that you can always take a plain object, even a price tag, and turn it into something interesting. And that you can always make any situation better just by changing your perspective.

A change of perspective is not always easy to achieve, especially when it comes to photography. When you are taking a picture of a landscape, a friend, or an object, try a new lens, stand on a bench, lay on the ground. You’ll be surprised by the creative inspiration you receive when you move your camera just a few feet vertically or horizontally.

Often when you set out to create a sketch you don’t know exactly what you’re going for until you start drawing lines on the paper. Taking a picture can be a lot like drawing in that way – when you move your camera to new and unfamiliar positions you are inspired to create photographs that you wouldn’t have otherwise envisioned.