I used to think that an artist organizing an exhibit tries to pick his or her most enjoyable, pleasant, or significant works. I used to think that the goal of displaying art was to please the viewer. That is how I decided which of my photos to publish: I displayed only the ones I thought most people would like. Lately, though, I have been drawing parallels between myself and the photos I’m working with. I look for expression in them and I find solace in a photo that mimics my own life, even if it only mimics my life in an abstract way. I’m now curating my collection more for me than for you, the viewer. Lovely, isn’t it? I hope to keep it this way.

I saw this photo and wondered how often do you have to reach the very end of your exhaustion and stress until you are able to rebalance and find serenity? How close do you have to get to the edge? Sometimes you have to reach your tipping point before things will go back to normal. Whatever is going on in your life – you have exams, you’re doing too much at work, you just had kids, your parents are unwell – you trudge through it all, but it starts to weigh on you more and more, ever so slowly. It’s like making your way through a dense forest trying to get through everything, and then you come out of the forest right up to the edge of a lake and you’re too tired to swim across, to make that one last push. You reach the edge, your tipping point, and you’re about to drown in the anxiety and you’re dead from the exhaustion, you’re taking the plunge…but then you stop, take a deep breath, and you realize the peacefulness of being right on the edge of the lake, and you breathe in and find calm. I wish I would get to the edge sooner. It takes me being totally fed up, exhausted, way to stressed out to realize how to reach that calm again. My tipping point is way too far from my norm, or at least I’m good at trudging through things for a very long time. I call it resilience, persistence, motivation, but for all the good qualities these things bring they can also bring on stress and exhaustion. This will definitely be my desktop wallpaper for a while…to keep things serene.